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    LILLEY: Trudeau drops, Singh bouces as voters turn from Liberals

    It’s a nightmare situation for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals — the Bloc and NDP are rising and taking support straight from his camp.

    The latest poll conducted for the Sun as part of the DART Maru/Blue Voice Canada Poll shows the Conservatives sitting at 33% support nationally, the Liberals dropping to 28% and the NDP rising to 20%.



    NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s rising approval ratings are on the verge of threatening the Liberals in key battleground provinces, a new online national public opinion poll from Campaign Research suggests.



    Trudeau accusor lands a seven-figure NDA to keep quiet about West Grey departure

    Sources are telling The Buffalo Chronicle that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s accuser has been in talks with a private attorney for more than a week, discussing a heated sexual relationship that began and ended more than 18 years ago, when the young woman was a student at Vancouver’s prestigious West Point Grey AcademyThe Chronicle is told that the two engaged in a months-long affair beginning in the summer of 2000, both on and off-campus.



    梁漢華續獨立競選 稱將不受政黨制肘

    她表示:「(選票上)保守黨會印我的名字在Heather Leung旁邊。我告訴大家,你們仍然可以投票給我。由於北本拿比-西摩選區很多選民的支持和鼓勵,我將作為你們的候選人獨立地競選。如果在獨立地競選的情況下被選上,我可以不受制於政黨政策,根據本區選民的意願來投票。」



    Grit candidate apologizes for defending Trudeau blackface pics

    Sgro continued: “Those in the black community have told me how much more love they have for the prime minister, that he wanted to have a black face, he took great pride in that too. …..

    Hours after the clip was posted, Sgro responded to the severe backlash she received online, which included many Twitter users calling for her resignation.

    “The comments I made on GBKM FM were insensitive. I should have known better, and I apologize,” the two-time Maclean’s magazine “Best Mentor” award winner said in a statement.

    “The history of blackface is deeply racist and it is nothing other than discriminatory. This issue has sparked an important conversation in our country and needs to be treated with great seriousness and sensitivity.”



    涉恐同言論遭保守黨除名 梁漢華獨立參選



    WE WON! A judge just ordered Trudeau to let Rebel News into tonight’s debate!

    WE WON! A judge just ordered Trudeau to let Rebel News into tonight’s debate!


    Scheer gets aggressive with Trudeau in debate punch-up

    “Justin Trudeau only pretends to stand up for Canada,” Scheer said. “You know, he’s very good at pretending things. He can’t even remember how many times he put blackface on because the fact of the matter is he’s always wearing a mask.”

    Scheer said that Trudeau wears all kinds of masks on matters such as Indigenous reconciliation, feminism and his concern for middle-class Canadians.



    选票除名限期已过 梁汉华续参与竞选

    据CTV电视报道,加拿大选举局(Elections Canada)发言人马兰茨(Andrea Marantz)表示,大选候选人提名已在周一截止,加拿大选举局不会接受及撤销任何候选人。在选举日梁汉华的名字仍会与联邦保守党联在一起出现在选票上,并承认这是不同寻常的情况。不过据Global电视台报道,保守党已指出,即使梁汉华当选,也不会让她进入党团。

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    B.C. candidate still campaigning after ouster from Conservatives over anti-LGBTQ2 comments

    On Saturday, Leung’s campaign manager Travis Trost — still surrounded by Conservative signage at the campaign office — said her ouster has not changed their plans.

    “Elections Canada has informed me the ballots are printed, Heather’s name is on the ballot, and Conservative is going to be attached to her name,” he said.

    While Leung’s name will still appear on the ballot as the Conservative candidate, the party said she will not receive any support from the Conservatives. If she wins the election, she will not be part of the Conservative caucus.

    The deadline to name candidates for all parties was Monday, meaning the Conservatives will be unable to put forward a new candidate to replace Leung.



    WATCH: Trudeau dodges question on rumours about leaving teaching job abruptly

    His autobiography also says “[West Point Grey] was not the best fit for me as a teacher, nor I for them.”

    At the end of September True North Centre and Toronto Sun columnist Candice Malcolm reported that Trudeau’s former students said he was an unserious teacher. She also discovered more pictures of Trudeau goofing around with students and his face painted. She also discovered that he was the school’s yearbook instructor, coach of the ultimate frisbee team and the backup drama teacher.



    Close elections like this one are rare — and hard to predict

    We’re nearly four weeks into this campaign and the polls haven’t budged — meaning the Conservatives and Liberals remain neck-and-neck in national voting intentions just two weeks out from the Oct. 21 vote.

    It might seem unusual that this election has remained deadlocked for so long — and it is. Only a handful of previous federal elections saw the leading parties polling this close to each other for this long.



    謝爾擁加美雙重國籍 大選前急放棄美身份

    《環球郵報》(The Globe and Mail)周四報道,謝爾的父親是美國人,他和其姐妹們從小就獲得了美國護照。據報道,他在選舉正式起跑前就試圖放棄美國籍。其母出生於多倫多。
    謝爾競選活動通訊總監哈里森(Brock Harrison)表示,這位領導人未在任何美國大選中投過票。聲明中表示:「謝爾先生成為加拿大保守黨領袖後,他就決定在大選前宣布放棄美國國籍。8月份他通知美國政府放棄其公民身份,已經提交了文件,目前正在等待使館確認他不再是雙重公民。」



    Daphne Bramham: Candidates’ views on conversion therapy, abortion raise questions about Scheer’s promise to leave social issues alone

    In an undated video posted online (with Chinese subtitles), Leung interviewed Susan Takata, who once believed she was meant to be a male, and Rob Bruce, the counsellor who convinced her that she was neither transgender nor gay.  Leung thanked them for sharing their stories so that “people can know the truth and that people can find help and there is hope.”



    Baloney Meter: Andrew Scheer says Canada sends foreign aid to rich countries

    “The Trudeau government sends $2.2 billion of so-called foreign aid to middle- and upper-income countries like Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, China, Iran, Italy, Mexico and Turkey. Worse still, some of that money is shovelled to repressive regimes that are adversarial if not outright hostile to Canadian interests and values — countries like Iran, North Korea and Russia ….”


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    John Ivison: Trudeau believes Canadians no longer care about deficits – and he seems to be right

    It may just have been the universe having a laugh but as I was reading the Liberal election platform, “Won’t Get Fooled Again” fired up on my random playlist.



    Protesters scream ‘Nazi scum’ as they bar way of elderly woman outside Maxime Bernier event

    Of the disturbances in general, Bernier told reporters, “For me, that was the first experience and I must admit that I didn’t like it. It’s not Canadian.

    “These people didn’t take time to read our platform because what they were saying, it is not who we are and who I am as a politician, so that’s too bad that they didn’t want to have any discussion.

    “We cannot debate when people don’t want to look at what you’re saying in reality.”



    Liberal platform projects deficits of over $20 billion per year for four years, adds $31.5 billion in debt

    If the Liberals are re-elected in three weeks, they plan to run annual deficits of more than $20 billion for the next four years …

    “The Conservatives are the ones obsessed with balancing the budget on the backs of services offered to Canadians, on the backs of education, on the backs of our healthcare system,” he (Trudeau) said. “We’re making this year, for the next four years, a very different choice. We are choosing to invest in people and in their communities, and at the same time stay responsible so that our debt-to-GDP ratio continues to decrease every single year.”

    Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has said that if elected, his government would take five years to balance the budget.



    MARIN: No longer a beautiful day in Trudeau’s neighbourhood

    That’s when Trudeau, who loves to play Mr. Dressup, was back trying to be the nice guy. Heck, he’s so nice he’ll pay for your vacation to boot.

    There he was in Sudbury with a boyish grin, paddling around a lake promising $2,000 for 75,000 families to go camping for up to four days in a provincial or federal park. It’ll only add $150 million to the deficit.

    But no worries, in Trudeau land budgets balance themselves.

    Trudeau’s promise is a silly and costly one. What country do you know sends its citizens on free vacations? What could possibly be the public policy reasons behind that one?



    For the 1st time, millennial voters will make up the biggest voting bloc in a federal election

    However, the company says its findings do not show the same motivation among this year’s younger voters that was present in the last federal election.

    I don’t know that we can say definitively one way or another whether millennials will come or won’t come out to vote in droves [in 2019],” said Ihor Korbabicz, researcher and executive director at Abacus. “I do feel comfortable saying there is nothing I see in the data today that suggests that they will be as motivated to do so as they were in 2015.”



    So what does Singh really think about pipelines? It’s complicated

    According to the party, the distinction rests on Singh’s willingness to work with provinces to allay concerns about a project, as opposed to simply taking no for an answer.



    Reality check: What could an inquiry into the SNC-Lavalin scandal actually do?

    Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says if his party forms government after the election, he plans to call a judicial inquiry into the SNC-Lavalin affair.



    Liberals cling to shrinking minority government after Trudeau blackface scandal: seat projections

    The new projections show the Liberals have dropped 15 seats since Sept. 18 but still lead with 150, followed by the Conservatives with 142, the New Democrats with 22, the Bloc Quebecois with 17 and the Green Party with 5.

    The People’s Party and an Independent are also projected to win one seat each in the House of Commons.




    Trudeau campaign calls police on journalist they don’t like 

    Journalist Andrew Lawton: What happened tonight, however, is reprehensible. They had police remove me from a public event, for which I was on the guest list and received a wristband, after an organizer took a photo of me in line and showed it to them. This from the Liberals who in the last election bragged that all of their rallies were for anyone and everyone.”



    Conservative journalist blocked by Trudeau campaign, detained and questioned by police

    Today Lawton was detained by a Hamilton police officer for 15 minutes and questioned for trying to do his job.

    Despite being blocked, detained, and questioned, Lawton plans to continue covering the Liberal campaign.

    As we wrote yesterday, the Liberal government is currently planning to distribute $600 million to the struggling establishment media. Media labelled as “Qualified Canadian Journalism Organizations” by the government will qualify. This massive media bailout appears to be just the beginning of an attempt for the government to manipulate and control the press.

    Not only has Prime Minister Trudeau made it clear what kind of journalism he prefers, but also which journalists he and his team seem willing to punish for holding the wrong views.



    LILLEY: Trudeau campaign flounders in wake of blackface scandal

    In place of that though, they don’t know what to do.  The Liberal campaign is one is disarray. It’s reminding me of covering the Paul Martin Liberal campaign of 2005 — the last time the Liberals lost power.  I’m not saying they are at that level of disaster yet as they aren’t as panicked, but panicked they are.



    Opinion: Why we cancelled the Munk Debate — and why our democracy is in trouble

    The cancellation of the Munk Debate on foreign policy due to Justin Trudeau’s refusal to participate denies voters the only real opportunity they had this election to see his foreign policy record challenged in a substantive and sustained fashion.  ….. We are witnessing this election the culmination of a two-decade phenomena that represents a growing threat to the democratic process: the intrusion of the state into the writ period itself ….. We have a government-appointed and funded commission organizing debates. And, if the Liberals are re-elected, the next election could be covered by a news media receiving $100 million in annual government subsidies.



    The Ezra Levant Show: Without smears and insults, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have nothing


    “Middle class families are feeling stretched. Taxes, fees, and bills pile up while wages are not keeping up.”

    Hang on: Liberals are campaigning on the fact that wages aren’t keeping up? Isn’t that… what the opposition is supposed to say? That people are worse off now than they were four years ago?

    So weird! But I guess the Liberals really had nothing left other than calling conservatives names!

    But their big proposal just made me laugh: “More affordable cell phone bills.”

    Well, I’m all for that! And they’re claiming this will “save a family of four almost $1,000 a year.”

    That’s great, but how’s it going to work? Because of course, we don’t have state-owned cell phone companies.

    Well, in short, the Liberals’ plan is to make a plan, and try to get telecom companies to plan to “work with you,” the customer.



    And why do you keep saying you “take responsibility” for your pattern of blackface wearing?

    Taking responsibility for bad behaviour or errors in judgment, in the traditional sense, means owning up to something and accepting the consequences. In the political sense, in days gone by, it also usually meant resigning.

    What are your consequences, sir?

    …… Turns out, the only Canadian job he stands up and fights for is his own. Choose backwards, until the answers are forthcoming.



    Mike Smyth: Trudeau’s post-blackface strategy — shut up and spend

    As Trudeau rides out the storm, he’s reverted back to an old damage-control technique: Change the channel to a different topic. And turn on the money taps. Trudeau’s promise to ban “military-style assault rifles” seemed to come out of the blue. Nothing like a gun-control debate to distract attention from other problems.

    A tsunami of other campaign promises, meanwhile, come with a massive price tag, though Trudeau is evasive on the exact cost of his commitments. Trudeau has promised a national Pharmacare program, for example, pledging $6 billion to pay for it. But the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) said in 2017 such a program would cost more than $19 billion. Where is all the money supposed to come from?



    謝爾:重新放寬按揭年期至30年 續按取消壓力測試




    橙浪變漣漪 能否翻波靠這個






    Trudeau campaigns after blackface images deliver blow to polling numbers

    Now the polls have shifted and the Liberals are looking particularly vulnerable in Ontario, said pollster Frank Graves of EKOS Research, who said he would release his exact survey figures later this week.

    The day before the pictures emerged, “the Liberals were at or very close to a majority” in the House of Commons, Graves said. “That’s completely turned around and maybe the Conservatives are in majority range now.”


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    Rex Murphy: For anyone else, resignation would be unavoidable – and appropriate

    The most basic reflection: For anyone else resignation would be unavoidable — and the correct thing to do. Mr. Trudeau’s conduct shatters his every pious progressive pretension. We should expect the same pattern of honour from him, as he would insist on from others — in the Conservative party, and in his own.



    最新民調保守黨扒頭 46%國民舉棋不定

    Angus Reid Institute民調結果顯示,在有支持決定或支持傾向的受訪國民當中,36%表示他們會投票予保守黨,33%說他們會投票給自由黨,13%稱會投票給新民主黨(NDP),支持綠黨及支持魁人政團(Bloc Quebecois)的比例,分別是9%和5%,加拿大人民黨(People’s Party of Canada)就獲4%支持,另有約1%受訪者表態支持其他政黨。在該民調進行時,自由黨黨魁杜魯多多年前扮「褐臉」和「黑臉」事件仍未曝光。



    Andrew Coyne: Is Justin Trudeau a racist? No. He is a sanctimonious fraud

    But the character and credibility of a leader is a much broader matter than one issue. It informs every part of his record, the whole of his platform. The leader we saw dissembling so skillfully this week in Winnipeg is the same one who lied to the public, repeatedly, about the SNC-Lavalin affair; who made solemn and explicit promises on electoral reform and balanced budgets he had no intention of keeping; who ran roughshod over Parliament in exactly the same ways he had most decried in his predecessor.



    攤上「黑臉」糗事 小杜選情出岔子




    GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau looked us in the eye, and scammed us

    “I am looking straight at Canadians and being honest the way I always have. We’ve said we are committed to balanced budgets and we are. We will balance that budget in 2019.” … In 2015, Trudeau promised Canadians that over the next four years he would increase federal deficits by a total of $24.1 billion. Instead, he’s coming in at $71.8 billion, give or take a few billion, meaning he’ll miss his target by $47.7 billion or by almost 200%.



    杜魯多醜事韻事一籮筐 茶餘飯後談不完




    Liberal denial of ‘hidden’ capital gains tax hike can’t be trusted, says Scheer

    去年自由黨內閣成員Adam Vaughan編寫政策提案,杜魯多政府將向自住房屋業主徵收資產增值稅:一年內賣屋50%,第二年25%、第三年15%,第四年10%,第五年5%。此提案被保守黨取得並公開揭發。



    聯邦大選將在10月21日舉行,保守黨黨領謝爾(Andrew Scheer)星期日在卑詩省展開拉票活動,承諾若成功勝選,會落實全民減稅(Universal Tax Cut)計劃,為最低課稅級階層(lowest income tax bracket)減少稅率,雙收入家庭(夫婦均有工作)最多可每年節省850元稅金。



    Maxime Bernier invited to take part in federal election leaders’ debates

    In a news release, Debates commissioner David Johnston said he is satisfied that the PPC has more than one candidate with a “reasonable chance to be elected.”



    COMMENTARY: Why we should care about Trudeau’s debate snub

    Trudeau and the Liberals are banking on people not caring. And maybe they’ll be proven right. If so, we can expect more such absences in the future, and that will be a major disservice to voters. The idea that an incumbent prime minister doesn’t have to take the stage to debate his or her opponents or defend his or her record is one we as voters should most definitely bristle at. …. his cynicism and arrogance shouldn’t be ignored, nor should we assume that it’s confined to this one incident. It’s a bad look for someone who pledged to elevate politics in this country.

  • 挺身而出一起發聲和平集會




    一個名為「家長團結加國」Parents United Canada的組織,為此在6月15日(星期六)早上10時半於溫哥華藝術館廣場舉行集會,不同族裔齊集,估計人數約有五百。主辦機構早向溫哥華市政府取得集會許可證,並通知市警,促請他們保護公民集會權利及安全。



    首先,Park Dirks指出,很多醫學研究顯示,鼓勵兒童在發育之前轉性,日後會帶來可怕的傷害,轉性後自殺和心理問題比率飃升,兒童注射轉性激素六年後,中風和血栓塞的風險比未轉性前高出3—6倍。反之,患有性別焦慮症的兒童在沒有任何干預的情況下,有80-90% 到成年後性別焦慮的癥狀會自動消失。但近年社會上出現了一個令人憂慮的問題,就是轉性在兒童中間變成了流行疫症,兒科變性醫生Dr. Wallace Wong稱,他從2010年的四個病人,到現在2019年已增加至1,000個。

    第二位講員是從美國來的Kaeley Triller,她見證在難民營中,婦女們晚間都穿成人尿片睡覺,她們都恐怕起來如廁,因為營中的女廁都開放給自稱女性的男人使用。Kaeley Triller 表示女性受剝削,她們的私隱被漠視,這個社會病態使她不能再容忍下去,她一定會抗爭到底。

    第三位是曾做監獄事工的Laura-Lynn Thompson,她說必須要站起來保護兒童,即使坐牢,也要真話直說,而不願向政治正確低頭。她說坐牢不一定是件壞事,她可以在那裡修讀法律,刑滿出獄當律師,為所有人爭取憲法權利,包括同性戀者、變性人,在法律以下人人平等的權利。

    第四位是變性人Samantha Jeffries,他反對向兒童隱瞞轉性藥物對身體健康的危害,也反對向兒童灌輸轉性的意識形態。

    第五位是猶太和意大利血統的Pastor Giulio Gabeli,他憶述父母第二次世界大戰期間,為了自由,移民加拿大,目堵現在加拿大的情況,他表示國民若不再站起來爭取,他們同樣會失去自由。

    加拿大代禱組織的教會領袖Dave Carson牧師,他呼籲各人無論怎樣必須繼續發聲,不能違反神的話,好像愛麗斯漫遊仙境一樣,進入一個相信性別是隨時流動的虛幻世界。他作出嚴厲警告:不要以多元性別的理念為兒童洗腦,令他們誤入歧途,導致藥物轉性、斷絕生育、割除手術、縫上人造器官,否則後果堪虞。

    另外一位是羅馬利亞移民 Cornelieu Ardelean牧師,他曾經歷羅馬尼亞的共產政權,那時人民財產被沒收、言論自由被打壓、家長權益被剝奪、孩子被洗腦。他要求卑詩省政府取消性向性別多元化(SOGI)的洗腦教育,讓孩子有一個純真的童年。

    此外還有黑人牧師Ronald Brown,他的教會不久前因為舉辦一個討論SOGI的青年聚會,租訂妥了地方,竟然因為這個題目被取消租用。

    「挺身而出一起發聲」和平集會約於下午一時完滿結束,主辦人Kari Simpson呼籲省民,若不想失去憲法自由、父母權益,為了加拿大的下一代,必須挺身而出、一起發聲。

    相關資料:美南浸信會神學院院長Dr. Albert Mohler的分析文章: The End of Parental Rights? A Chilling Case From Canada



  • 王州迪致自由黨黨團信節錄

    前自由黨司法部長王州迪(Jody Wilson Raybould)週二晚被總理杜魯多在黨團會議上宣佈逐出黨團,並撤消自由黨候選人資格。昨天她向黨團出的中,有可圈可點之處,節錄如下:


    “I am angry, hurt and frustrated because I feel and believe I was upholding the values that we all committed to.”「我憤怒、傷心和受挫,因為我感到及相信我過往是維護著我們當中每一個都承諾堅守的價值觀。」

    “If indeed our caucus is to be a microcosm of the country it is about whether we are a caucus of inclusion or exclusion; of dialogue and searching for understanding or shutting out challenging views and perspectives; and ultimately of the old ways of doing business, or new ones that look to the future.” 「倘若黨團真的是國家的縮影,那它就是反映出我們的黨團究竟是包容,還是排擠;是以對話謀求了解,還是扼剎質疑挑戰的意見和觀點;是始終追隨因循的做事方法,還是以革新的方法展望未來。」

    “Growing up as an Indigenous person in this country, I learned long ago the lesson that people believing what they wish about you does not, and cannot ever, make it the truth — rather than letting authority be the truth, let the truth be the authority,” 「身為本國原住民,在成長過程中我很早就學會了一個功課,就是人們對你所寄望的,不會、也永不能把它變成真理。反之,與其視權威為真理,應該視真理為權威!」

    Jody Wilson Raybould 最終看穿自由黨裝煌華麗理念背後的虛假了。

    Image result for Justin Trudeau removes Jody

    Read the letter Jody Wilson-Raybould sent Liberal MPs as they considered whether to remove her from caucus

  • 多元文化和反種族主義獎

    昨天由媒體報導得知,星島日報高級編輯廖長仁獲2019年「多元文化和反種族主義獎」(Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Award)提名。廖長仁曾在列治文組織反歧視活動,抗議該市出現反華裔傳單。但很不幸,這提名消息一出,就引起某華文媒體作出投訴報導。試想一想,這些提名活動既是公開的,人人都可以作出推薦,各推其人,各做其事,又何須指名道姓地對任何提名人或推薦者作出投訴呢?明眼人可以察覺得到,這投訴文章的字裡行間,正散發著一陣陣酸溜溜的氣味。這不但不能推動社區和諧,反而在華人社區中造成分裂,恐怕會在主流社會中成為笑柄,十分可惜!

    隨著,昨天傍晚列治文區報Richmond News網上報導一位北溫華裔人士向卑詩旅遊藝術文化廳長發出公開信,此信則從另外一個角度對廖長仁作出攻擊,明顯,這是打擊異見者很常用的手法,就是冠以「歧視性向性別多元化群體」的莫須有罪名。這位北溫僑胞把六年前廖長仁在香港時代論壇所發表的文章搜索出來,作為指控廖長仁「歧視性向性別多元化群體」的「證據」。



  • 亞省強奪家長權


    亞省24號法案是規定所有學校必須容許學生設立「同性戀、變性人及異性戀聯盟」,學童參與這類活動,校方要完全「保密」,不得通知家長。教育廳長David Eggen同時警告,任何不服從此法案的學校將會被終止經費資助。聯合保守黨(UCP)黨領康尼(Jason Kenney)指法案踐踏家長權利,且抵觸學校法,他說父母有權知道子女在學校做些什麼。

    這法案一經通過,令人擔憂的事就發生了,而且情況叫人震驚。報導顯示,有校外人士把學童從學校帶回自己家中,這個帶走學童的「同性戀異性戀聯盟」活動主持人並非校內教職員、也非政府人員、更非任何一個學生家長。事實上家長全不知情,因為根據通過了的24號法案,除非取得學童同意,學校通知家長乃屬違法。另外,一名「同性戀異性戀聯盟」成員的13歲男童被人帶到一個「同性戀異性戀聯盟」大會中,那人告訴男童他母親是不會知道他參加這大會,也不會知道他曠課的。在大會中有人給這男童150多個避孕套,並要他觀看在香蕉上配戴避孕套的示範,又給他一本50頁的連環動作漫畫圖書,書中指示性交細節,圖畫中的性交對象看來是個年記較大的人,此外,大會還給他一些極其露骨的書刊圖片。據Lifesite News記者報導,這學童從「同性戀異性戀聯盟」大會中收到的小冊子名為「天王星探險歷奇」(Explore the Wonders of Uranus),在互聯網上可輕易搜索到這書的全部,其內容淫褻猥瑣,不堪入目。(詳細內容可閱Lifesite News的報導

    此法案令家長及宗教學校十分困擾,去年四月,捍衛憲法自由的法律團體Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms(JCCF) 代表二十六所宗教學校入稟法庭,挑戰此法案違憲,這二十六所宗教學校包括基督教、錫克教及猶太教;JCCF並於6月20日申請法庭禁制令,要求暫停執行24號法案,以等候法庭判決。可惜申請被亞省Medcine Hat法官Johanna Kubik所否決,理由是公款資助的學校是為公眾利益推廣教職員與學生平等,故此法庭不批禁制令。但JCCF及這二十六所學校沒有放棄,他們於12月3日提出上訴,上訴當日有百多人出席法庭聆訊, JCCF律師Jay Cameron提出證供,揭露在24法案通過後,有學童從學校被人帶走,參與一些有色情成分的活動。



    Corbella: Court of Appeal hearing gets conflicting views of GSA rules

    Alberta court hears that children were taken out of school by “facilitators” to Gay-Straight conferences without parental knowledge

    Corbella: Some alarming revelations about two GSAs at Alberta Court of Appeal

    Summary of the Justice Centre’s legal analysis on Bill 24

  • 多倫多中文電台「A1出擊」專訪

    11月26日卑詩新民主黨省議員Nicholas Simons提出動議,內容要求省議會支持學校推行SOGI 123,以營造安全及包容的學習環境,使所有學童免受歧視。卑詩自由黨智利域(Chilliwack)選區省議員Laurie Throness是唯一反對的聲音,動議結果通過。

    性向性別多元化教育”SOGI 123″是否真的反欺凌?要學童選擇自己的性傾向和性別身份是否會令學校變得更安全、更包容?是否就會令學童免受歧視?教導學童女可變男、男可變女、或可時男時女、非男非女、或亦男亦女,或在「性別頻譜」中的任何一點,隨時隨地流動的,這樣會為學童未來的一生帶來什麼後果?卑詩省政府承諾將以公帑提供變性手術,這會為兒童及青少年帶來什麼影響?在民主自由社會中,如何能在尊重憲法自由的原則下作理性的討論,而不會有剝奪壓抑言論自由之嫌?本會主席就此接受多倫多星島中文電台「A1出擊」的節目訪問。請按以下錄音收聽13分鐘的評論與分析。

  • 選舉制改革全民公投

    這選舉改革制全民公投,在近年已經是第三次,第一次是2005年5月17日,第二次是2009年5月12日,兩次公投都是在省選期間同時進行。結果仍是保持原有的First Past the Post(FPTP),簡單易明,即每一個選區,得票最多的候選人就當選為代表該區的省議員。

    今次公投不但浪費納稅人許多金錢,在人力物力浪費之餘,也造成許多的混亂和不便。支持The current First Past the Post voting system(FPTP)的理由很多,就站在一般草根選民的角度,選擇The current First Past the Post voting system(FPTP)最重要的原因,是基於要鼓勵每個人都出來投票已經殊不容易,因為許多人都覺得我不知道那幾個候選人是誰,不如不投,如今要面對一個複雜難明的選舉制度,又要同時選擇配搭不同政黨的更多候選人,就更加令忙於生活的升斗市民遠而卻步了,而且結果選出來的大可能並非代表大多數選民的候選人。

    1. 要拿出由Elections BC郵寄到府上的上面寫著大信封,信封面寫著2018 Referendum on Electoral Reform VOTING PACKAGE,若沒收到,請即致電選舉局Election BC 1-800-661-8683 索取。
    2. 查看信封內是否有齊五份文件:選票(Ballot)、A、B、C三份文件及一份投票說明書(How to complete your voting package)。
    3. 打開選票(即Ballot),用黑筆(勿用鉛筆)填密第一題(Question 1)選擇的小圓圈。鑑於上述理由,提意選擇「The current First Past the Post voting system」
    4. 接好填了圓圈的選票(Ballot),把它放入”A” SECRECY SLEEVE之內。
    5. 填寫”B” CERTIFICATION ENVELOPE。(1) 核對姓名,在SIGN HERE的X 後面簽名。(2) 填寫你的出生日期,次序是月、日、年。(3) 如果你的地址與信封上的相同,則不用填寫,否則填上你現在的正確地址。填上電話號碼。
    6. 若長者書寫不便,甚至不能自己簽名,可以找人代簽,但一個人只可幫助另一個人簽他的名字,然後在CERTIFICATION ENVELOPE後面清楚寫上自己的姓名,如果幫助自己的家人,則不限人數。
    8. 再把封好的”B” CERTIFICATION ENVELOPE,放進”C” RETURN ENVELOPE,盡快放進郵箱寄出。因郵遞間竭性罷工,可親自交往Renferendum Service Office或Service BC Centre,各區地址及辦公時間,請上網elections.bc.ca/rso查閱。