In 2019, Justin Trudeau has baggage – and faces a very different political landscape

Winning re-election was always going to be hard for Justin Trudeau. History tells us that.

But Trudeau has not made it easier for himself. And the partisan terrain Trudeau is contending with in 2019 is arguably trickier to traverse than anything his predecessors faced.



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Scheer suggests Liberals could decriminalize hard drugs, despite Trudeau’s denial

“Justin Trudeau was asked specifically about that and he said, well, they weren’t going to do it right away. A lot of their candidates, people running under the Liberal banner, are calling for decriminalization of hard drugs,” he (Scheer) said.

“So for parents out there who are worried about what their government might do in the future for other types of hard drugs, they need to be very concerned about what Trudeau will do.”



Scheer says ‘modern convention’ means Trudeau must quit if he doesn’t win the most seats

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer today called on Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to resign as prime minister if his party does not win the most seats on election day, saying that practice has become a “modern convention in Canadian politics.”

Scheer said that if Trudeau’s Liberals slip to second place in the seat count after Monday’s vote, he should step aside rather than try to pursue an arrangement with the NDP to hang on to power.



I was Jean Chretien’s special assistant. I helped oversee his war room when he won in 1993 and 2000. I ran for the Liberals in B.C. in 1997.

And I can’t vote Liberal. I won’t. And I don’t think you should either.

Here’s why……



This week’s 338Canada projection: ‘Prime Minister Andrew Scheer’?

Should the Bloc Québécois and the NDP keep increasing their support over the next seven days, it will most likely hurt the Liberal seat projection more than the Conservatives’. Hence, Andrew Scheer could become Canada’s 24th Prime Minister…



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