B.C. candidate still campaigning after ouster from Conservatives over anti-LGBTQ2 comments

On Saturday, Leung’s campaign manager Travis Trost — still surrounded by Conservative signage at the campaign office — said her ouster has not changed their plans.

“Elections Canada has informed me the ballots are printed, Heather’s name is on the ballot, and Conservative is going to be attached to her name,” he said.

While Leung’s name will still appear on the ballot as the Conservative candidate, the party said she will not receive any support from the Conservatives. If she wins the election, she will not be part of the Conservative caucus.

The deadline to name candidates for all parties was Monday, meaning the Conservatives will be unable to put forward a new candidate to replace Leung.



WATCH: Trudeau dodges question on rumours about leaving teaching job abruptly

His autobiography also says “[West Point Grey] was not the best fit for me as a teacher, nor I for them.”

At the end of September True North Centre and Toronto Sun columnist Candice Malcolm reported that Trudeau’s former students said he was an unserious teacher. She also discovered more pictures of Trudeau goofing around with students and his face painted. She also discovered that he was the school’s yearbook instructor, coach of the ultimate frisbee team and the backup drama teacher.



Close elections like this one are rare — and hard to predict

We’re nearly four weeks into this campaign and the polls haven’t budged — meaning the Conservatives and Liberals remain neck-and-neck in national voting intentions just two weeks out from the Oct. 21 vote.

It might seem unusual that this election has remained deadlocked for so long — and it is. Only a handful of previous federal elections saw the leading parties polling this close to each other for this long.



謝爾擁加美雙重國籍 大選前急放棄美身份

《環球郵報》(The Globe and Mail)周四報道,謝爾的父親是美國人,他和其姐妹們從小就獲得了美國護照。據報道,他在選舉正式起跑前就試圖放棄美國籍。其母出生於多倫多。
謝爾競選活動通訊總監哈里森(Brock Harrison)表示,這位領導人未在任何美國大選中投過票。聲明中表示:「謝爾先生成為加拿大保守黨領袖後,他就決定在大選前宣布放棄美國國籍。8月份他通知美國政府放棄其公民身份,已經提交了文件,目前正在等待使館確認他不再是雙重公民。」



Daphne Bramham: Candidates’ views on conversion therapy, abortion raise questions about Scheer’s promise to leave social issues alone

In an undated video posted online (with Chinese subtitles), Leung interviewed Susan Takata, who once believed she was meant to be a male, and Rob Bruce, the counsellor who convinced her that she was neither transgender nor gay.  Leung thanked them for sharing their stories so that “people can know the truth and that people can find help and there is hope.”



Baloney Meter: Andrew Scheer says Canada sends foreign aid to rich countries

“The Trudeau government sends $2.2 billion of so-called foreign aid to middle- and upper-income countries like Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, China, Iran, Italy, Mexico and Turkey. Worse still, some of that money is shovelled to repressive regimes that are adversarial if not outright hostile to Canadian interests and values — countries like Iran, North Korea and Russia ….”


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