LILLEY: Trudeau drops, Singh bouces as voters turn from Liberals

It’s a nightmare situation for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals — the Bloc and NDP are rising and taking support straight from his camp.

The latest poll conducted for the Sun as part of the DART Maru/Blue Voice Canada Poll shows the Conservatives sitting at 33% support nationally, the Liberals dropping to 28% and the NDP rising to 20%.



NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s rising approval ratings are on the verge of threatening the Liberals in key battleground provinces, a new online national public opinion poll from Campaign Research suggests.



Trudeau accusor lands a seven-figure NDA to keep quiet about West Grey departure

Sources are telling The Buffalo Chronicle that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s accuser has been in talks with a private attorney for more than a week, discussing a heated sexual relationship that began and ended more than 18 years ago, when the young woman was a student at Vancouver’s prestigious West Point Grey AcademyThe Chronicle is told that the two engaged in a months-long affair beginning in the summer of 2000, both on and off-campus.



梁漢華續獨立競選 稱將不受政黨制肘

她表示:「(選票上)保守黨會印我的名字在Heather Leung旁邊。我告訴大家,你們仍然可以投票給我。由於北本拿比-西摩選區很多選民的支持和鼓勵,我將作為你們的候選人獨立地競選。如果在獨立地競選的情況下被選上,我可以不受制於政黨政策,根據本區選民的意願來投票。」



Grit candidate apologizes for defending Trudeau blackface pics

Sgro continued: “Those in the black community have told me how much more love they have for the prime minister, that he wanted to have a black face, he took great pride in that too. …..

Hours after the clip was posted, Sgro responded to the severe backlash she received online, which included many Twitter users calling for her resignation.

“The comments I made on GBKM FM were insensitive. I should have known better, and I apologize,” the two-time Maclean’s magazine “Best Mentor” award winner said in a statement.

“The history of blackface is deeply racist and it is nothing other than discriminatory. This issue has sparked an important conversation in our country and needs to be treated with great seriousness and sensitivity.”



涉恐同言論遭保守黨除名 梁漢華獨立參選



WE WON! A judge just ordered Trudeau to let Rebel News into tonight’s debate!

WE WON! A judge just ordered Trudeau to let Rebel News into tonight’s debate!


Scheer gets aggressive with Trudeau in debate punch-up

“Justin Trudeau only pretends to stand up for Canada,” Scheer said. “You know, he’s very good at pretending things. He can’t even remember how many times he put blackface on because the fact of the matter is he’s always wearing a mask.”

Scheer said that Trudeau wears all kinds of masks on matters such as Indigenous reconciliation, feminism and his concern for middle-class Canadians.



选票除名限期已过 梁汉华续参与竞选

据CTV电视报道,加拿大选举局(Elections Canada)发言人马兰茨(Andrea Marantz)表示,大选候选人提名已在周一截止,加拿大选举局不会接受及撤销任何候选人。在选举日梁汉华的名字仍会与联邦保守党联在一起出现在选票上,并承认这是不同寻常的情况。不过据Global电视台报道,保守党已指出,即使梁汉华当选,也不会让她进入党团。

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