Rex Murphy: For anyone else, resignation would be unavoidable – and appropriate

The most basic reflection: For anyone else resignation would be unavoidable — and the correct thing to do. Mr. Trudeau’s conduct shatters his every pious progressive pretension. We should expect the same pattern of honour from him, as he would insist on from others — in the Conservative party, and in his own.



最新民調保守黨扒頭 46%國民舉棋不定

Angus Reid Institute民調結果顯示,在有支持決定或支持傾向的受訪國民當中,36%表示他們會投票予保守黨,33%說他們會投票給自由黨,13%稱會投票給新民主黨(NDP),支持綠黨及支持魁人政團(Bloc Quebecois)的比例,分別是9%和5%,加拿大人民黨(People’s Party of Canada)就獲4%支持,另有約1%受訪者表態支持其他政黨。在該民調進行時,自由黨黨魁杜魯多多年前扮「褐臉」和「黑臉」事件仍未曝光。



Andrew Coyne: Is Justin Trudeau a racist? No. He is a sanctimonious fraud

But the character and credibility of a leader is a much broader matter than one issue. It informs every part of his record, the whole of his platform. The leader we saw dissembling so skillfully this week in Winnipeg is the same one who lied to the public, repeatedly, about the SNC-Lavalin affair; who made solemn and explicit promises on electoral reform and balanced budgets he had no intention of keeping; who ran roughshod over Parliament in exactly the same ways he had most decried in his predecessor.



攤上「黑臉」糗事 小杜選情出岔子




GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau looked us in the eye, and scammed us

“I am looking straight at Canadians and being honest the way I always have. We’ve said we are committed to balanced budgets and we are. We will balance that budget in 2019.” … In 2015, Trudeau promised Canadians that over the next four years he would increase federal deficits by a total of $24.1 billion. Instead, he’s coming in at $71.8 billion, give or take a few billion, meaning he’ll miss his target by $47.7 billion or by almost 200%.



杜魯多醜事韻事一籮筐 茶餘飯後談不完




Liberal denial of ‘hidden’ capital gains tax hike can’t be trusted, says Scheer

去年自由黨內閣成員Adam Vaughan編寫政策提案,杜魯多政府將向自住房屋業主徵收資產增值稅:一年內賣屋50%,第二年25%、第三年15%,第四年10%,第五年5%。此提案被保守黨取得並公開揭發。



聯邦大選將在10月21日舉行,保守黨黨領謝爾(Andrew Scheer)星期日在卑詩省展開拉票活動,承諾若成功勝選,會落實全民減稅(Universal Tax Cut)計劃,為最低課稅級階層(lowest income tax bracket)減少稅率,雙收入家庭(夫婦均有工作)最多可每年節省850元稅金。



Maxime Bernier invited to take part in federal election leaders’ debates

In a news release, Debates commissioner David Johnston said he is satisfied that the PPC has more than one candidate with a “reasonable chance to be elected.”



COMMENTARY: Why we should care about Trudeau’s debate snub

Trudeau and the Liberals are banking on people not caring. And maybe they’ll be proven right. If so, we can expect more such absences in the future, and that will be a major disservice to voters. The idea that an incumbent prime minister doesn’t have to take the stage to debate his or her opponents or defend his or her record is one we as voters should most definitely bristle at. …. his cynicism and arrogance shouldn’t be ignored, nor should we assume that it’s confined to this one incident. It’s a bad look for someone who pledged to elevate politics in this country.

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