John Ivison: Trudeau believes Canadians no longer care about deficits – and he seems to be right

It may just have been the universe having a laugh but as I was reading the Liberal election platform, “Won’t Get Fooled Again” fired up on my random playlist.



Protesters scream ‘Nazi scum’ as they bar way of elderly woman outside Maxime Bernier event

Of the disturbances in general, Bernier told reporters, “For me, that was the first experience and I must admit that I didn’t like it. It’s not Canadian.

“These people didn’t take time to read our platform because what they were saying, it is not who we are and who I am as a politician, so that’s too bad that they didn’t want to have any discussion.

“We cannot debate when people don’t want to look at what you’re saying in reality.”



Liberal platform projects deficits of over $20 billion per year for four years, adds $31.5 billion in debt

If the Liberals are re-elected in three weeks, they plan to run annual deficits of more than $20 billion for the next four years …

“The Conservatives are the ones obsessed with balancing the budget on the backs of services offered to Canadians, on the backs of education, on the backs of our healthcare system,” he (Trudeau) said. “We’re making this year, for the next four years, a very different choice. We are choosing to invest in people and in their communities, and at the same time stay responsible so that our debt-to-GDP ratio continues to decrease every single year.”

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has said that if elected, his government would take five years to balance the budget.



MARIN: No longer a beautiful day in Trudeau’s neighbourhood

That’s when Trudeau, who loves to play Mr. Dressup, was back trying to be the nice guy. Heck, he’s so nice he’ll pay for your vacation to boot.

There he was in Sudbury with a boyish grin, paddling around a lake promising $2,000 for 75,000 families to go camping for up to four days in a provincial or federal park. It’ll only add $150 million to the deficit.

But no worries, in Trudeau land budgets balance themselves.

Trudeau’s promise is a silly and costly one. What country do you know sends its citizens on free vacations? What could possibly be the public policy reasons behind that one?



For the 1st time, millennial voters will make up the biggest voting bloc in a federal election

However, the company says its findings do not show the same motivation among this year’s younger voters that was present in the last federal election.

I don’t know that we can say definitively one way or another whether millennials will come or won’t come out to vote in droves [in 2019],” said Ihor Korbabicz, researcher and executive director at Abacus. “I do feel comfortable saying there is nothing I see in the data today that suggests that they will be as motivated to do so as they were in 2015.”



So what does Singh really think about pipelines? It’s complicated

According to the party, the distinction rests on Singh’s willingness to work with provinces to allay concerns about a project, as opposed to simply taking no for an answer.



Reality check: What could an inquiry into the SNC-Lavalin scandal actually do?

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says if his party forms government after the election, he plans to call a judicial inquiry into the SNC-Lavalin affair.



Liberals cling to shrinking minority government after Trudeau blackface scandal: seat projections

The new projections show the Liberals have dropped 15 seats since Sept. 18 but still lead with 150, followed by the Conservatives with 142, the New Democrats with 22, the Bloc Quebecois with 17 and the Green Party with 5.

The People’s Party and an Independent are also projected to win one seat each in the House of Commons.




Trudeau campaign calls police on journalist they don’t like 

Journalist Andrew Lawton: What happened tonight, however, is reprehensible. They had police remove me from a public event, for which I was on the guest list and received a wristband, after an organizer took a photo of me in line and showed it to them. This from the Liberals who in the last election bragged that all of their rallies were for anyone and everyone.”



Conservative journalist blocked by Trudeau campaign, detained and questioned by police

Today Lawton was detained by a Hamilton police officer for 15 minutes and questioned for trying to do his job.

Despite being blocked, detained, and questioned, Lawton plans to continue covering the Liberal campaign.

As we wrote yesterday, the Liberal government is currently planning to distribute $600 million to the struggling establishment media. Media labelled as “Qualified Canadian Journalism Organizations” by the government will qualify. This massive media bailout appears to be just the beginning of an attempt for the government to manipulate and control the press.

Not only has Prime Minister Trudeau made it clear what kind of journalism he prefers, but also which journalists he and his team seem willing to punish for holding the wrong views.



LILLEY: Trudeau campaign flounders in wake of blackface scandal

In place of that though, they don’t know what to do.  The Liberal campaign is one is disarray. It’s reminding me of covering the Paul Martin Liberal campaign of 2005 — the last time the Liberals lost power.  I’m not saying they are at that level of disaster yet as they aren’t as panicked, but panicked they are.



Opinion: Why we cancelled the Munk Debate — and why our democracy is in trouble

The cancellation of the Munk Debate on foreign policy due to Justin Trudeau’s refusal to participate denies voters the only real opportunity they had this election to see his foreign policy record challenged in a substantive and sustained fashion.  ….. We are witnessing this election the culmination of a two-decade phenomena that represents a growing threat to the democratic process: the intrusion of the state into the writ period itself ….. We have a government-appointed and funded commission organizing debates. And, if the Liberals are re-elected, the next election could be covered by a news media receiving $100 million in annual government subsidies.



The Ezra Levant Show: Without smears and insults, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have nothing


“Middle class families are feeling stretched. Taxes, fees, and bills pile up while wages are not keeping up.”

Hang on: Liberals are campaigning on the fact that wages aren’t keeping up? Isn’t that… what the opposition is supposed to say? That people are worse off now than they were four years ago?

So weird! But I guess the Liberals really had nothing left other than calling conservatives names!

But their big proposal just made me laugh: “More affordable cell phone bills.”

Well, I’m all for that! And they’re claiming this will “save a family of four almost $1,000 a year.”

That’s great, but how’s it going to work? Because of course, we don’t have state-owned cell phone companies.

Well, in short, the Liberals’ plan is to make a plan, and try to get telecom companies to plan to “work with you,” the customer.



And why do you keep saying you “take responsibility” for your pattern of blackface wearing?

Taking responsibility for bad behaviour or errors in judgment, in the traditional sense, means owning up to something and accepting the consequences. In the political sense, in days gone by, it also usually meant resigning.

What are your consequences, sir?

…… Turns out, the only Canadian job he stands up and fights for is his own. Choose backwards, until the answers are forthcoming.



Mike Smyth: Trudeau’s post-blackface strategy — shut up and spend

As Trudeau rides out the storm, he’s reverted back to an old damage-control technique: Change the channel to a different topic. And turn on the money taps. Trudeau’s promise to ban “military-style assault rifles” seemed to come out of the blue. Nothing like a gun-control debate to distract attention from other problems.

A tsunami of other campaign promises, meanwhile, come with a massive price tag, though Trudeau is evasive on the exact cost of his commitments. Trudeau has promised a national Pharmacare program, for example, pledging $6 billion to pay for it. But the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) said in 2017 such a program would cost more than $19 billion. Where is all the money supposed to come from?



謝爾:重新放寬按揭年期至30年 續按取消壓力測試




橙浪變漣漪 能否翻波靠這個






Trudeau campaigns after blackface images deliver blow to polling numbers

Now the polls have shifted and the Liberals are looking particularly vulnerable in Ontario, said pollster Frank Graves of EKOS Research, who said he would release his exact survey figures later this week.

The day before the pictures emerged, “the Liberals were at or very close to a majority” in the House of Commons, Graves said. “That’s completely turned around and maybe the Conservatives are in majority range now.”


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