前自由黨司法部長王州迪(Jody Wilson Raybould)週二晚被總理杜魯多在黨團會議上宣佈逐出黨團,並撤消自由黨候選人資格。昨天她向黨團出的中,有可圈可點之處,節錄如下:


“I am angry, hurt and frustrated because I feel and believe I was upholding the values that we all committed to.”「我憤怒、傷心和受挫,因為我感到及相信我過往是維護著我們當中每一個都承諾堅守的價值觀。」

“If indeed our caucus is to be a microcosm of the country it is about whether we are a caucus of inclusion or exclusion; of dialogue and searching for understanding or shutting out challenging views and perspectives; and ultimately of the old ways of doing business, or new ones that look to the future.” 「倘若黨團真的是國家的縮影,那它就是反映出我們的黨團究竟是包容,還是排擠;是以對話謀求了解,還是扼剎質疑挑戰的意見和觀點;是始終追隨因循的做事方法,還是以革新的方法展望未來。」

“Growing up as an Indigenous person in this country, I learned long ago the lesson that people believing what they wish about you does not, and cannot ever, make it the truth — rather than letting authority be the truth, let the truth be the authority,” 「身為本國原住民,在成長過程中我很早就學會了一個功課,就是人們對你所寄望的,不會、也永不能把它變成真理。反之,與其視權威為真理,應該視真理為權威!」

Jody Wilson Raybould 最終看穿自由黨裝煌華麗理念背後的虛假了。

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Read the letter Jody Wilson-Raybould sent Liberal MPs as they considered whether to remove her from caucus

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  • Laurence Lok

    Feeling Canada is a slave country of USA. Worst than Philippines. In Philippines the penalty is death. But here is legal.
    See it’s action towards the Whuwei, just like a slave country of the USA.
    A person can be a male or female whatever the person likes anytime. The girls have no security to go to the washroom. How ridiculous!
    He doesn’t know the world economic. Canada is dropping in the world market. The loan is growing.

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