Voters Guide to Local Elections


According to answers to Candidates Questionnaire, the following candidates support everyone’s rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and abide by the rule of laws.  Mayoral/councilor candidates agree that the City should pass the strictest possible regulations and bylaws on marijuanato safeguard social harmony instead of creating division.  They promise to be vigilant with taxpayers money and not to use it to paint signs and/or symbols on roads and cross walks that create  hazards and distract drivers and pedestrians.  The school trustee candidates promise to honor parents’ role in their children’s education; they support strong academic foundation for students to prepared them for higher education &/or the job markets; they support critical thinking by providing an open learning environment for free speech so that students will develop good judgement and discernment; they support smoke and substance free school environment and Substance Abuse Prevention Programs.  As elected representatives, they promise not to support and/or participate in parades and/or events which promote activities in violation of the Indecent Act.

*Candidates who care about the well being of our society and agree with the values of Parents Heart are welcome to take part in the candidate questionnaire.  Please email info@parentsheart.ca.  The editor reserve all rights to decide on this posting.

溫哥華 Vancouver


Wai Young



市議員候選人City Councillor

James Lin



學委候選人School Trustee

Ying Zhou



列治文 Richmond

市議員候選人City Councillor

Chak Au

Jonathan Ho




學委候選人School Trustee

Charvine Adl

Andrea Gong-Quinn

James Li

Ivan Pak

Alice Wong


本拿比 Burnaby

市議員候選人City Councillor

Alain Deng

Charter Lau

Heather Leung



學委候選人School Trustee

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

Jimmy Zhao


素里 Surrey

市議員候選人City Councillor

Laurie Guerra

Steven Pettigrew



學委候選人School Trustee

Jasbir Narwal


高潔林 Coquitlam

學委候選人School Trustee

Hui Wang


亞巴斯福 Abbotsford

學委候選人School Trustee

Kathryn Sobko


智利域 Chilliwack

學委候選人School Trustee

Heather Maah

Erma Vietorisz


Nanaimo-Lady Smith

學委候選人School Trustee

Matt Szeler


Campbell River

學委候選人School Trustee

Vanessa MacLean


  • Teresa Ko

    Why are there no recommendation of North and West Vancouver candidates? We have a lot of residents don’t know who to choose. Can you please help? Thank you!

    • parentsheart

      Parents Heart does not do active endorsement or recommendation. We send out Questionnaires to candidates and let them respond. If they meet PH’s requirement, they will be on the list. Perhaps you can pay more attention to see how your elected representatives are doing and send us a comment. We will see how it works out in the next election. Thank you so much for you inquriy.

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